The Blooming of Peonies

Peonies had reminded me of death.

When Mother cut armfuls of pink

and white blossoms, stuffed them

into buckets for graves on

Decoration Day, I thought

Too show off  for sad, cold stones.

But after you kissed me back

to life, I saw spring in a new

light.  Ants swarmed over

peony buds, urged petals open

with their sticky juice.  You

unfolded me into the fragrance

of your chest, turned me

inside out like Georgia’s flowers.

Voices: Lost and Found

by Jan Duncan-O’Neal

$15 US
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Table of Contents

Lost Voices

Mother’s Voice

The Uncles

Neighborhood Crone


Hold Me, Pa

Dancing with Bob


First Love


Finding His Voice

Requiem for a Prodigal Daughter

The Great Sphinx

Lament for a Bookstore

The Blooming of Peonies

Second Chance



New Enlightenment

Bittersweet Season

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