Finding His Voice

A late talker, my son

recited favorite books

I read to him, took time

to speak in his own words.

I urged him speak up

speak up!  His voice so light —

could have floated away

like kites without strings.

At school, the big guys

bullied, yelled names:

Stretch, Runt, Mama’s Boy.

Michael stood mute.

But, at thirteen, he debuted on stage,

spread his new deep voice over

the audience, left them breathless,

bowed to a standing ovation.

Voices: Lost and Found

by Jan Duncan-O’Neal

$15 US
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Table of Contents

Lost Voices

Mother’s Voice

The Uncles

Neighborhood Crone


Hold Me, Pa

Dancing with Bob


First Love


Finding His Voice

Requiem for a Prodigal Daughter

The Great Sphinx

Lament for a Bookstore

The Blooming of Peonies

Second Chance



New Enlightenment

Bittersweet Season

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