Bittersweet Season

Colors have faded

from red maple leaves

and bronze chrysanthemums.

Even mornings pale.

We drive down country roads

silent of birdsong,

streams dried to ditches,

barns shambled in fields,

sit in narrow living rooms,

ashes cold in fireplaces,

dress in drab flannel shirts,

steep tea, let it grow cold,

nibble dry toast,

burn candle stubs.

Our lives turn brittle.

Foreheads ache

against moonless nights.

On a last walk before winter

we button our coats

against November

find a tangle of bittersweet still alive.

Voices: Lost and Found

by Jan Duncan-O’Neal

$15 US
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Table of Contents

Lost Voices

Mother’s Voice

The Uncles

Neighborhood Crone


Hold Me, Pa

Dancing with Bob


First Love


Finding His Voice

Requiem for a Prodigal Daughter

The Great Sphinx

Lament for a Bookstore

The Blooming of Peonies

Second Chance



New Enlightenment

Bittersweet Season

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