Lost Voices

Since her stroke

we had been losing parts of Mother,

like air leaked out of a balloon

too heavy to rise again.

She sat in silence

when one morning

there was no more of her.

Dad spent his days

cutting up family photos

to make paperweights,

never answered the door,

microwaved his hearing aids,

collapsed in front of cheering

football crowds on television.

And there was more.

One icy evening

my brother’s car left the highway,

thrust him through trees

into a wilderness no one could reach.

His twin grew ill

too weak to speak our names,

skin yellowed like old newspaper.

Mother once held us together

during dark times when we were little,

filled our rooms with her voice

warm as a soft velvet night.

I half remember its music

when rain rustles leaves

of her favorite sycamore

on early autumn evenings.

Voices: Lost and Found

by Jan Duncan-O’Neal

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Table of Contents

Lost Voices

Mother’s Voice

The Uncles

Neighborhood Crone


Hold Me, Pa

Dancing with Bob


First Love


Finding His Voice

Requiem for a Prodigal Daughter

The Great Sphinx

Lament for a Bookstore

The Blooming of Peonies

Second Chance



New Enlightenment

Bittersweet Season

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