Our Publishing Practices ~ Effective January 2, 2015

With the advent and proliferation of so many on demand print services, the dynamics of print publishing have changed dramatically since we began in 2008.  Historically, we have provided editorial services to our published authors free of charge in anticipation of chapbook orders.  So that we may remain solvent and competitive as a small press, we have adapted our chapbook publishing practices from those that previously appeared on our website to more clearly reflect this.  These new practices will be applied to all the chapbooks we will publish in the future, and our website has been updated to reflect these new practices.  The reasons for our move in this direction are too numerous and varied to explain in detail, but please know that we arrived at this decision only after many long hours of reflection.  These new practices similarly reflect the shared financial contribution towards publication that have become popular today with many small print presses.

The new publishing model in brief:

It is important that you are an active participant in the development of your chapbook.  It won't be a reflection of you and your work without your input.

When we contact you via email to express an interest in your manuscript, we will request a telephone conference to discuss your chapbook so that we can become better acquainted with your vision for the book and so that we can discuss the particulars of your book's development.  If at the conclusion of this telephone conference we come to a mutual agreement to have The Lives You Touch Publications publish your chapbook, we will proceed

  1. 1.Upon the mutual acceptance of a manuscript for publication and prior to beginning work on a chapbook, we will require an author to make a good faith contribution towards the editorial process and cost of publication in the amount of 262.50 USD (United States Dollars).  This is equal to the cost of 25 of the first 50 deeply discounted author order copies at $10.50/copy.  An author signed written agreement to this effect (which we will provide) must accompany our receipt of this contribution.  This contribution will be applied towards an author’s first 25 copies ordered of his or her chapbook.  This good faith contribution is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

  1. BulletPlease note the above, noted in item 1, does not include shipping costs.  With few exceptions (determined by us), we ship via UPS.  Shipping costs are based on the geographic location where an order will be shipped, the author’s preferred shipping speed, the costs to insure the shipment, and whether the shipping address is residential or business.  Orders are shipped FOB shipping point, also known as FOB origin.  This means that the terms of sale under which the title of the goods, i.e., chapbooks, passes to the buyer at the point of shipment.

  1. 2.We must receive an author signed publishing agreement (see below), specific to the chapbook, prior to advancing the editorial process beyond the selection of poem titles and/or prose sections.  We must also receive final digital versions of all graphics, artwork, and photographs to be considered for inclusion in a chapbook during this process.

  1. 3.So as to diminish the overall financial impact this may have on an author, with the exception of the previously noted author ordered deeply discounted first 50 copies, we have lowered the author price per copy by $1.00 from those that previously appeared on this page..  As of June, 2015, beginning with author ordered copy number 51 of between one (1) copy and ninety-nine (99) copies in a single order, the author discounted price will be $11.75 USD per chapbook.  The Author Volume Print Copy Discount published at the bottom of this web page also reflects this reduction.

  1. 4.We will now take a chapbook to press, i.e., begin printing, only after we have received an order or orders and payment for 50 copies in total, whether from an author, customers, or a combination thereof.  The author’s good faith financial contribution will be applied towards his or her first order.

  1. 5.Should we fail to receive an order or combination of orders for a total of 50 chapbook copies within 3 months from the date we notify an author that we are ready to take his or her chapbook to press, we will end our participation in the chapbook’s publication process and release an author from his or her publishing agreement.  Again, an author’s good faith contribution is non-refundable.

We have tried to take into consideration how these new practices may affect all the authors who have submitted manuscripts to us.  In all truth, we simply do not believe we have any other choice in the matter.  We recognize that though some authors may find these new practices unacceptable, we also recognize that the prospect of a shared financial contribution towards publication presents an opportunity to authors who have not achieved the publication success they desire and so well deserve.  Again many small print presses have adopted similar practices.

The general components of our publishing agreement are as follows:

  1. 1.There will be no monetary payment to a poet or author for the publication of his or her chapbook and all of its contents including artwork, graphics, and photographs, or for their use in the development of any and all associated promotional and advertising materials by The Lives You Touch Publications, its subsidiaries, or agents.

  1. 2.The Lives You Touch Publications will, at its discretion, use any and all components of the image of the chapbook cover and the poems, literary compositions, and the graphics and digital photographs contained in a chapbook in the development and distribution of promotional and advertising materials under consideration presently or in the future for any and all of its publications or products.

  1. 3.The Lives You Touch Publications will retain the copyright to all PDF drafts of a chapbook and/or its pages that are exchanged with a poet or author.

  1. 4.An author will retain republication rights and copyright to the individual poems and literary pieces that were penned by him or her and included in the chapbook.

  1. 5.The Lives You Touch Publications will retain the copyright to the chapbook as a body of work.

  1. 6.Duplication of the chapbook as a body of work, or any significant portion of the contents there of, in any form, by any means, whether in print or in any electronic format, or in any format developed in the future, by any person or entity other than The Lives You Touch Publications is prohibited indefinitely by this Publishing Agreement.

  1. 7.The Lives You Touch Publications will retain all publication rights and the right to continue to publish the poems and/or literary compositions and graphics contained in the chapbook that were written or created by the poet or author, as well as the author’s photograph and the chapbook’s cover image, indefinitely.

  1. 8.In exchange for an author's deeply discounted purchase price, an author will agree not to sell any chapbook for less than the retail price of the chapbook (which at this time is $15 USD) without prior written approval from The Lives You Touch Publications.

  1. 9.Violation by an author of any of the conditions and/or stipulations set forth in his or her publishing agreement shall void any and all author ordered copy discounts noted in the publishing agreement.

    AUTHOR VOLUME PRINT COPY DISCOUNT *            effective June 2016

    Copy Quantity        Discount % Off Cover Price $15        Discount Price

           100 -250                                           $4.00                                              $11

           251 - 500                                           $4.75                                              $10.25

           over 500                                contact us for pricing

        * This includes all author discounst.

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