Touch: The Journal of Healing



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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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To a Friend Now Dead

    by Alarie Tennille

You live so vividly

in college memories

that I promise

your husband photos

that never existed.

I search my album.

You were there …

and there … not more

than eight feet from me.

Behind the camera’s eye,

too shy to be the focus

of attention.

I forgot our game —

how you would turn

just as I snapped.

I always lost you behind

a black silk curtain of hair.

I lost you again tonight.

© 2013  Alarie Tennille

Alarie Tennille is a Pushcart Prize nominee and author of a chapbook, Spiraling into Control.  She serves on the Board of Directors of The Writers Place in Kansas City, Missouri.  Alarie’s poems have appeared in numerous journals including Margie, Poetry EastEnglish Journal, I-70 Review,  and Untitled Country Review.