Touch: The Journal of Healing


Issue 12

January 2013

Cover Photo © 2013 “Threads and Reflections” by O.P.W. Fredericks.

Healing is a journey that is traveled over many years.  It involves making transitions from one stage of understanding to another that ultimately allows us to reach a destination.  Though each of us possesses our own unique set of life skills, often we rely on others to help us when we stumble on our journey towards healing.  Whether reflecting back to others what they cannot see in themselves, or stepping in when a life is at risk, simply being present during those moments when support is needed or acknowledging a person’s inner strength can be the greatest gift we have to offer.

Who ever knew scientists

have yet to discover you

and give you a nebulous name.

Kaveri Patel

I always lost you behind

a black silk curtain of hair.

I lost you again tonight.

Alarie Tennille

Feeling his pulse and seeing his rhythm,

Has calmed my soul.

Timothy A. Sanborn, MD

I want to rest

in the cowboy blue sky.

Gallop along

the clouds.

Phoebe Brown

There was a time she stood on one leg

to add red paint to a Carousel horse.

Diana Cole

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I was never meant to be a formal garden,

pruned and shaped and shorn.

Kathleen M. Quinlan

I tossed back my near-naked head,

sat down to dinner and opened the menu.

Nancy Smiler Levinson

Funny, how fear can take an intimate moment

and twist it, shape it, and make it something ugly.

Claudia C. Recinos

Yet all that remains

Is the memory of love,

Tentative and fragile

Like insect wings

Preserved in amber

Art Heifetz

they could see words knitting together

swinging out to the wind,

morsels of conversation as clouds in time.

Lavinia Kumar

you close the blinds

on the high, bright world.

I open my eyes to the dark.

John Davis Jr.

A gentle touch reveals a rose.

Another, deft and delicate,

releases a fully open leaf

capable of any new shape.

David Olsen

I’ll let Puccini set this mood,

join her on the couch,

showing that love doesn’t die

Ed Bennett

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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