Touch: The Journal of Healing



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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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From We to I

    by Kathleen M. Quinlan

It was a charred ruin of something 

that could only end

as a lone, twisted tree - a grimace of itself -

stranded in the ashes of scorched years,

Until the soil beneath sang out

for the seeds of an untamed meadow,

and wind and rain and sun obliged,

dancing over the corrupted remains.

I was never meant to be a formal garden,

pruned and shaped and shorn.

© 2013  Kathleen M. Quinlan

Kathleen M. Quinlan’s poetry has been placed in UK and US journals, including Acumen, Saw, the Journal of Family Social Work, Gargoyle and Bloodroot. A social scientist, she uses poetry to explore social issues. She is a member of the Back Room Poets in Oxford, England.