Touch: The Journal of Healing



You Ask Me To Be Your Mirror

    by Kaveri Patel

You ask me to be your mirror.

How do I look?

I could comment on your

physical appearance or tell you

how you make me feel.

Why such emphasis on outer beauty?

It’s your inner world —

your demons and diamonds

I want to reflect back to you.

Do you know how galactically

beautiful you are —

black holes and stars,

celestial planets.

Who ever said you

were bound by this skin?

Who ever knew scientists

have yet to discover you

and give you a nebulous name.

© 2013  Kaveri Patel

Kaveri Patel is a poet, mother, and healer.  She lives and works in northern California, and is currently exploring the phrase, fear is just compost for courage.  Her first book of poetry, An Invitation, was published in 2011.

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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