Song of My Breast

by Noralyn Masselink

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Cover Art by Endira Davis


Cleaving to cleavage

guilty as charged

clinging to what

might yet be cloven

split not "as if"

by a cutting blow

but cleaved indeed

by scalpel's slice

leaving her cleft

perhaps even cleft-less

but not bereft

since to cleave

also means

to be faithful

Table of Contents


Context is everything


Northeast Medical Resort and Spa

Post-surgery Senryū


Two for the price of one

Saving Face and Keeping Abreast

ICD-9 Code 972.9

The Virgin Poke, central venous access



The Bald Facts

Haute Coiffure

Chemotherapy Riddle

Doxorubicin: Round Three

Why are they called “Rounds”?

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cross Application

Blood Counts

In the time of chemo

Taxus brevifolia

Taxane Thumbscrews


Radiation Oncology

Euphemism at its worst

Morgue Storage Shelf

Awaiting Resurrection

Song of My Breast

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