Song of My Breast

by Noralyn Masselink

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Cover Art by Endira Davis

Radiation Oncology

drivers sit a spell

women knit

engrossed in talk shows

waiting room TV

Kincade puzzle lures a rare few

to fit a piece or two

of thousand-piece tranquility

sure to be left undone

long after we

with burns and damaged skin

have left the scene

patients meanwhile

don green gowns

(that never do tie in the back)

await our turn to climb up on the rack

heart frame our faces with upraised arms

and hum or pray or dream of sunny beaches

while gamma rays destroy our cells

so we can pick up and refit

the scattered edges of our lives

Table of Contents


Context is everything


Northeast Medical Resort and Spa

Post-surgery Senryū


Two for the price of one

Saving Face and Keeping Abreast

ICD-9 Code 972.9

The Virgin Poke, central venous access



The Bald Facts

Haute Coiffure

Chemotherapy Riddle

Doxorubicin: Round Three

Why are they called “Rounds”?

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cross Application

Blood Counts

In the time of chemo

Taxus brevifolia

Taxane Thumbscrews


Radiation Oncology

Euphemism at its worst

Morgue Storage Shelf

Awaiting Resurrection

Song of My Breast

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