Touch: The Journal of Healing



Wanted:  Lust

    by Dianne Silvestri


likely not unusual

but unwelcome blow to us

now longing and sighing

for what may have expired

during the long necessary

distraction blinking

directly into the line of fire

inattentive to incidental

collateral loss as survival

itself lay claim to all effort

and lush luxury quietly left

to leave only lusterless

nights and days when at last

we unraveled a loose possibility

of resuming life loving

© 2015  Dianne Silvestri

Dianne Silvestri is a poet, physician, and stem cell transplant recipient.  She has authored the chapbook Necessary Sentiments.  Her poems have appeared in The Healing Muse, The Pharos, Blood and Thunder, The Comstock Review, Earth’s Daughters, Evening Street Review, Steam Ticket, Apeiron Review, Blast Furnace, The Somerville Times and two anthologies.

Copyright © 2015

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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