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A Letter to Daddy

    by Pat Fogarty

Dear Daddy,

I miss you. Aunt Sue said I could mail a letter to you. So instead of going out to play, I'm writing this letter. Uncle Dave said I have to finish it today. So, I better get busy. I’m a big girl now. I’m almost seven and Aunt Sue lets me walk all the way to the corner mailbox by myself. Do you remember where Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave live? I hope so, because that’s where Joey and I live now. Joey can't write yet, so he asked me to tell you that he liked it better where we used to live.

We ride a bus to our new school and all the kids and teachers are nice. Joey started kindergarten last week and on the first day he got paint all over his good school clothes. And you know what? Aunt Sue didn't even get upset. She told Joey to put the clothes in the laundry hamper and not to worry one bit because that was what washing machines were for.

Every Sunday after Church Uncle Dave drives me and Joey in his Jeep to see mommy. He goes real slow. Aunt Sue doesn't come with us because she said, it makes her sad to see her little sister like she is now. Grandma’s there whenever we visit and her eyes are always red from crying. She says we should pray for mommy because the prayers of children are special. I hold mommy’s hand and I talk to her when we go to see her. Grandma told us you were tipsy and it was your fault that mommy won’t wake up. I don't know what tipsy is, but uncle Dave got very angry. He told grandma to shush and he said that it was not true. Uncle Dave told grandma he wouldn't bring us anymore if she said that again. I hope grandma doesn't say that again, because I want to see mommy, even if she is asleep. And you know what else daddy? No matter what grandma says about you, I still love you. Oh, I almost forgot, mommy has a new doctor. The Doctor told Uncle Dave that sometimes people like mommy wake up and sometimes they don’t. I hope mommy wakes up. I know she wouldn't be mad at you.

Well, I have go. Aunt Sue gave me a big envelope with your address on it and I have to put my letter in it and seal it. My letter has lots of pages and a picture Joey drew for you. And, I'm going to kiss the letter before I put it in the mailbox. I hope you get it real soon, I didn't have any money for stamps but Aunt Sue said not to worry about stamps because they don’t charge for letters to Heaven.

Daddy I love you  forever and ever,

Your Little Pumpkin

© 2015  Pat Fogarty

Patrick Fogarty is an author and poet.  He writes creative non-fiction, historical non-fiction, memoir and poetry.  Born and raised in the south Bronx, his works are infused with personal experiences from his childhood.  He is a graduate of Yavapai College’s Creative Writing Program.  His recent writings can be found in Inscape Magazine: The Literary Journal of Washburn University, The Tincture Journal , and The Linden Avenue Literary Journal.