Touch: The Journal of Healing



Finals or Firsts

    by Dianne Silvestri

Most days it seems prudent

to focus on the finals —

last plane trip south,

last call to my sister,

conclusive big-scoop cone,

closing stroll on the shore,

crowning fifth of Tuscan red.

But we need to initiate

fresh adventures,

grip life and twist up

lipstick’s flame,

ignite a first-ditch list,

dive into new vintages,

stir new tango steps,

loiter in a new museum,

explore a new mountain,

meander a new beach,

embark for New Zealand,

steer to Newfoundland,

decamp for something

we always thought

one day we’d do.

© 2015  Dianne Silvestri

Dianne Silvestri is a poet, physician, and stem cell transplant recipient.  She has authored the chapbook Necessary Sentiments.  Her poems have appeared in The Healing Muse, The Pharos, Blood and Thunder, The Comstock Review, Earth’s Daughters, Evening Street Review, Steam Ticket, Apeiron Review, Blast Furnace, The Somerville Times and two anthologies.

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