In My Exam Room

by Risa Denenberg

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In exam room 3

She limps in, humming a dirge.

She was doing slightly better

until last Wednesday when

she got jammed up

in the sheets, fell out of bed

and landed on her shoulder.

Her sadness is a scrim

I cannot penetrate.

A beam of confidence

I don’t possess lights

an image of vertebrae that won’t mend.

I follow the path she guides me down,

and spot a scatter-shot image

of neurons that fire and fire

at the brain, daily

creating more pain.

She wants to know

why she falls and

where did her marriage go?

Table of Contents

The chronically well

In exam room 1


In exam room 3


In exam room 2

In exam room 5

When I'm not thinking about my patients

The night was long with pain

Pain Scale

In exam room 4

Chronic Pain


What pain means to me

Lives of elders

A Plea for Touch

We do not speak of death

I first saw cancer

On the morning of the second day


Lessons for dying

As death approaches

Hours to days

Going first

“Even the gorgeous royal chariots wear out”

“After a long battle”

Three-Part Breath

Elegy on the mourning of my death

About a Lump

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