In My Exam Room

by Risa Denenberg

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When pain pulls ahead,

leaving meaning in the dust —

the sort of hurt that binds behind eyes

and shouts that you are a rotten nothing

while the world doesn't care a whit

and no one is worth redeeming —

there comes a moment

you would crush heroin

and snort it, even needle it,

if you had it in your possession.

Table of Contents

The chronically well

In exam room 1


In exam room 3


In exam room 2

In exam room 5

When I'm not thinking about my patients

The night was long with pain

Pain Scale

In exam room 4

Chronic Pain


What pain means to me

Lives of elders

A Plea for Touch

We do not speak of death

I first saw cancer

On the morning of the second day


Lessons for dying

As death approaches

Hours to days

Going first

“Even the gorgeous royal chariots wear out”

“After a long battle”

Three-Part Breath

Elegy on the mourning of my death

About a Lump

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