No Remission

Some days I forgive you for dying

so slowly; others I become a malignant

mass eagerly eating every moment

that looks like a cure.  I am less myself

without you, bits and pieces of a single

cancerous cell that can sometimes

be tricked into remission.

Grief is a tumor twice tainted:

once in the losing that crowds out

breath and other basic needs; and again

in the living after loss, in that place

where grief becomes guilt, where mourning

metastasizes and I find that I'm mourning me.

Guitar Without Strings

by Larina Warnock

Table of Contents


The Listening

Even Grown Ups Have Heroes

Where the Truth Hides


Things My Father Gave Me



Solitaire is an Angry Game

Inmate Mail


Life Cycle

No Remission


This Poem Has No Ending

Elegy for a Bipolar Fisherman



Broken String

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