Uncommon Refrains

by Gregory W. Randall

Table of Contents

A Sort of Nocturne

The Hospital Stay

Doing the Nightshift

Uncommon Refrains

Unusual Patterns

Natural Defenses



Grace Notes

Girl Reading

Swim Lessons I

Grace Notes

A Study of Plums

Swim Lessons II



Reconsidering Grace




The Past is Concealed in Doubt

Legitimate Desires

Swimming with Red Dragonflies

Legitimate Desires

It’s true: I wear all my

sunglass clips sepia-toned

so each day’s events play out

as in a flashback. You laugh

but isn’t this legitimate desire

to go back

and reclaim the irretrievable hours

why we linger in the pool

till all the stars arrive,

each flicker of light

burnt some millennium ago

becoming a chance

to relive the past

while gliding on our backs

through an upside-down night?

You think I’m ridiculous,

but aren’t you the one

who even as I speak

collects wisteria seeds flat as coins

out of the frosted grass

to breed for our future

the scent of all our past?

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