Touch: The Journal of Healing


Issue 20

Autumn/Winter 2016

Cover Photo © 2016 “Seasoned 2” by Patricia Wallace Jones.

Sometimes, life comes through for us when we believe all is lost.  When we discover true allies in our battles, it becomes easier to learn to trust again.

It must have been an awful stink,

Noah's boat, with all the windows closed.

Marcia Pelletiere

If words could mend,

I would mend you,

Use them like trumpets, like calling stones,

Sending them out into an old world.

Beth Mills

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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Above clumps of homes

fit for a Monopoly board,

sunset spreads its luxury

so far across the sky

this jet seems

to enter another dimension.

Marjorie Power

We call to the saints, Gladys and I,

leaning on rituals that become

my own faith.

Sarah Bigham

As if a life, as it were, could be ever

so gently woken

to breathe for a moment

here, by the pearl-grey bridge

Cally Conan-Davies