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After Thoughts

We hope you found as much inspiration in the works included in this issue as we found in bringing them to you.  Whether facing the challenge of our own illness or coming to terms with the loss of a love one, we often find ourselves alone in our grief.  Sometimes we find answers buried deep within ourselves, sometimes we find strength in places where we’ve never thought to look before, and sometimes we learn that help is just one person away.

We thank our contributors for entrusting us with their work and we hope our arrangement of it has highlighted it in the best possible light.  Thank you also to our readers and all who support the Journal.  We hope you will consider purchasing a copy of the Journal for your library or to share with someone else and that you will continue to support Touch: The Journal of Healing as we share in the Touch of humanity.

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Thank you, and join us in the autumn for our next issue!

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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