Touch: The Journal of Healing




    by Susan Quaglietti

Barb adored the butterfly

the jewel-winged beauties

who rise in flight when warm


from surviving catalyst cells

after caterpillar consumption and molten masks peel

ingestion halts

a mariposa miracle arrives

Barb witnessed the butterfly

cocoon consumed by the caterpillar cancer

never cajoled by chemo

cells conned

into a nine month birthing ritual

wings spread

when cancer said “you’re dead”

a mariposa miracle transformed

Barb embodies the butterfly

queen of the monarchy

camouflaged from our sight

glorious in her own right

muted metamorphosis

traveling with peaceful resolve

she is Barb

a living mariposa miracle

© 2016  Susan Quaglietti

Susan Quaglietti has been a registered nurse since 1978 and a nurse practitioner at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Health Care System for 28 years. During her tenure, she has coordinated care for veterans with advanced cardiac disease and since 2014 has been working with veterans who are recovering from mental health disorders.

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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