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After Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed, were moved by, or paused to consider the artistry included in this issue.  Our contributors shared a part of themselves in their work.  The bright, colorful lilies that graced the cover offer us hope after a dormant winter and remind us to pause and appreciate what life puts before us, just as much as the many messages of endurance and perseverance through personal trials found in the preceding pages, serve to remind us that life’s journey is ultimately a personal one, even if it is traveled in the company of others.

Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, we carry the Touch of those we encounter every day, as much as they carry our own, and when we listen to their stories or remember their personal struggles, we can’t help but make their struggles our own.  By doing so, we share in the Touch of humanity and grow as individuals and as a society.

We’ve learned that by their nature, trees bloom their beauty whether we notice them or not; that lost limbs haunt us with the memory of their presence or function; that cancer treatments offer us the chance to morph into another version of ourselves, or offer us the ability to notice things we would have otherwise missed, or even to express a form of love that has deeper meaning to ourselves as much as the recipient.  We’ve been reminded that with the passage of time comes greater appreciation for the moments we still have left to live, and that those moments may come at a cost; that a grave exists only because we know of it, and that the tending of it makes us cherish it all the more.  And we’ve learned that as we age and as we’ve lost, shadows begin to form on the periphery of our lives; and when they creep in and out, sometimes we notice them, and sometimes we don’t because more and more, they become a part of us.

Thank you one and all who contributed to this issue.  You’ve furthered our mission to Touch the world with your healing messages.  Thank you also to our readers and all who support the Journal.  We hope you will consider purchasing a copy of the Journal for your library or to share with someone else and that you will continue to support Touch: The Journal of Healing as we share in the Touch of humanity.

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Thank you, and join us in the autumn for our next issue!

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

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