Touch: The Journal of Healing


Issue 15

Spring/Summer 2014

Cover Photo © 2014 “Respite” by Larina Warnock

Whether we are looking from the top down on our moments of weakness, or from the bottom up seeking hope and greater acceptance of our place in life, sharing our vantage point with others not only frees us but helps us carry forward our strengths for another day.

your eyes

are a green twine

the saddest of ropes

Sergio Ortiz

when we reach out to touch -

the body of grief

is ours alone.

Deborah Polikoff

Today I will breathe slow,

steady breaths of hope mixed

with a sorrow I can't shake.

Larina Warnock

He can’t forget

the shadow of her smile

the solace of her touch

but he knows he should be

moving on.

Art Heifetz

I try to envision the future

skulking in the vague shadows

under your tiny translucent eyelashes

Brigita Orel

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Touch: The Journal of Healing

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I like to think you escaped —

a lone molecule

caught in a warm breeze

Jennifer L. Bauman

With hands crossed, she can make

the sun rise, again and again

Stephen Bunch

She realized how delicious it could be

when the cup is drained.

Karen Kelsay

I’m his father, reborn

        wiser, kinder.

Gerard Sarnat

Tonight, I will dream heaven again, for you.

Luke Evans

Numberless days shrink

in a spineless bed as I watch the light

move closer.

Michael Mark