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After Thoughts

Whether it is a moment of clarity, the touch of a hand on the shoulder, or another breath to step forward, life can bring unexpected miracles.  Often it is our perspective that frees us to accept hope and gives us the strength to carry on.  Those in our lives who bring us positive energy, share their stories, and allow us to feel our pain and joy, can be miracles in themselves.  We are reminded to look up, for sometimes gentle blossoms dance just above the woody stem and thorns of our present moment.

We admire those who have found the courage to love and be loved even in the face of loss, the decline of aging, and the daily work we must muster to sustain our health, family, and continued growth.  Their stories remind us of the gift it can be to empathize with others.  By daring to find their own words, we are encouraged also to embrace our memories and speak a word of encouragement to those we may encounter.

Thank you to all our contributors who carefully crafted their words so we could hear the authenticity of their experiences, share in them, and find our own perspective on whatever tomorrow may bring.  Thank you also to our readers and all who support this Journal.

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O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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