Touch: The Journal of Healing


Perfect Timing

    by Stacey Dye

After months of watching the husk

that was once your six-foot frame

shrivel beneath the sheets, of feeling


myself struggle as you labored to breathe --

I knew it was time. Time to put away selfish

desires, assure you of my love, and say goodbye.


Holding you while I whispered in your ear,

I’m sure you squeezed my hand. A hand hug,

like the thousands we shared before.


I wanted to witness your spirit leave

your body, watch the wisp of your soul

as it vanished into the splendor of light.


But you, you had other plans.

You waited until I left your side

for a second then quietly took your leave.

© 2010 Stacey Dye

Stacey Dye is moved by poetry, music, and inspirational quotes, and she carries rocks inscribed with motivational words in her pockets.  In the past few years she began to pursue the art of poetry with her primary focus being the human condition.  She has been featured in Camroc Press Review, Mused, Sketchbook, and others.


Copyright © 2010

Touch: The Journal of Healing

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