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After Thoughts

There are few things more constant in life than the reality that life changes.  The challenges we face help sculpt our personality and our relationships, and at times not only smooth our rough edges but etch in us true character.  We often do not fully appreciate the ripple effects our choices have on those around us or the depth of comfort our compassion can bring.  Tears can quench the pain of loneliness when they are shared and lift a friend high when they understand true joy.

Thank you for taking time to read these poems and stories, shared by our gifted contributors.  Words have the marvelous capacity not only to transport us beyond our daily experiences but to give us a moment of stillness where the fluidity of life crystallizes into the smile of shared understanding.

As the second year of Touch: the Journal of Healing unfolds, we hope you'll consider submitting your writing or photography for a future issue.  If you've been touched by these stories, we also welcome hearing from you so we may share your comments or suggestions with your fellow readers.  We hope you'll join us again in September for our next issue!

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