Touch: The Journal of Healing


white lotus II

    by Kelly Grace Smith

A single blossom

of bliss.


Never fully exposed to light, I bloom only

in the dark of night.


Within but not yet of this world, forever creating nirvana

amid the remains of the day.


Never turning my beauty away, forever healing your agony

with my ecstasy.


Come down from the mountaintop to make love to you,

tenderly tending to your suffering.


Blossoming, blooming night after night - spawn from the seed

of many lifetimes;


I rise from the night to seduce your darkness

with desire.


I am

your divine white lotus.

© 2009 Kelly Grace Smith

A former New York State politician, news broadcaster and

award-winning copywriter, Kelly Grace Smith’s passion for

the written and spoken word has directed her life for over

three decades. A dedicated poet, her most recent poem, white

lotus III, placed fourth in the 2009 Annual Writer's Digest

Poetry Awards Collection.


Copyright © 2009

Touch: The Journal of Healing

All rights reserved.