Touch: The Journal of Healing



            by Frank Cavano

A rock from a rocket

    could not have fallen farther.

No Earth on which to land

    it would plummet deeper still

    into an abyss heretofore unknown.

He was gone.

Gone with the snapping of fingers

    into what

    and where



And now the rain

    which had to come


    filling the abyss

    with salted water

    high and higher still



    seemed impossible to her

    and she waited

    waited for the end

    which surely must come now

    now that he was gone.

Yet, there came no drowning

    and no end.

Lowering her eyes, she peered into the box

    and smiling blessed her lips

    and sparkles filled her eyes.

And she whispered

    to not anyone in particular:

"This is not him!"

"The Chariot has taken him Home."

© 2009 Frank Cavano

Frank Cavano is a retired psychiatrist who has written poetry, published and unpublished, whenever moved in a powerful way by his experiences or the experiences of others.  His goal is to listen to Heart and Soul without judgement and with compassion.  He believes this is the entrance to all healing.


Copyright © 2009

Touch: The Journal of Healing

All rights reserved.