Touch: The Journal of Healing



A November Afternoon*

    by Pat St. Pierre

The rocking chair moves

slowly back and forth.

Through the window

you view

dried foliage curled

upon dying grasses.

You shudder for no apparent reason

and watch as chirping birds

leave empty trees.

Gray squirrels

race for nuts and you are aware

that winter is closing in;

ever so slowly

your rocking chair continues its motion

until late in the afternoon

it becomes silent.

© 2010 Pat St. Pierre

* previously published in Theater of Life by Pat St. Pierre, Finishing Line Press, p. 21.

Pat St. Pierre is both a freelance writer for adult and children's poetry, nonfiction, and fiction.  Her poetry can be found at: Flutter, The Shine Journal, The Camel Saloon, Pond Ripples, Poets Haven, and elsewhere.  In addition to writing, Pat is also an amateur photographer.  Her photos have been on the covers and included in such places as: Ramshackle Review, The Camel Saloon, Wee Ones, The Shine Journal, Southern Women's Review, and elsewhere.  Her poetry chapbook book, Theater of Life, can be purchased at

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