Touch: The Journal of Healing


Issue 10

May 2012

Cover Photo © 2012 “Emergence” by Shaun Bevins.

It is in moments of vulnerability that stories are born, half recollecting what has just been endured and half awakening to what could not have been imagined before.  So too when faced with illness or turmoil, it may seem insurmountable and unending.  But life pushes us beyond our past into a new emergence.

Who knows where life may take us on the next winds of change.  But along the way, we can wonder at the beauty of each unique voice that tells of a unique experience of transformation.

but in this bed there is hope for the day,

a deliverance from trauma and despair

by hands and a cloth in the sunlight,

Ed Bennett

In the underbelly of our family tree,

a leafless limb dangles

Tammy Daniel

She read his letters and cried. In her eyes,

he became the victim, not the criminal.

Krisztina Fehervari

Now between the ribbed vault of his chest

and the sturdy dinghy of his pelvis

are 4 healing incisions, too sore

for hard-buttoned jeans.

Susan Kelley

turning you at last into the Cheshire Cat,

as you slowly dissolve around

your luminous grin.

Jackie Fox

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Hold me, love me, cherish me while you can

John Davis Jr.

and then you slept for days that January

while more snow came down innocent and light

like I wasn’t anymore

Christine Klocek-Lim

As I bow down the little girl says

you forgot your gift

Danny P. Barbare

being lost is never about where you're going

but knowing where you've been

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas

it’s only the attachment that counts.

Richard King Perkins II

They are the left ones by our sacrificial

games, the left and seen

Murray Alfredson

I thought that I knew everything

about death.

Stephen Gilchrist

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