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After Thoughts

Sometimes, like when an unexpected friend brings a smile to your face, new opportunities can burst forth from the winter of our struggles like a new spring.  We leave behind the empty, gray walls to venture out to paint new horizons.  How far can we wake up?  How many areas in our lives slumber in ways we are unaware?  These stories we've read together in this issue give us just such a new opportunity to allow their words to resonate and touch us with their sincerity, creativity, and openness to sharing.  Whether you may choose to write your own thoughts down or write those reflections on the hearts of those you meet, we hope you've found new inspiration to share.

We thank our contributors for their skill and generosity, and our readers for taking the time to listen.  We thank everyone for supporting the journal as we end our third year of publication.  We hope you will consider purchasing a printed copy of this issue for your library or to share with someone who might find courage or guidance in its pages.  Print copies of all the issues of Touch: the Journal of Healing are available through our press, The Lives You Touch Publications.

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Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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