Touch: The Journal of Healing



    by Jeanie McLeod

Touch me

I’m wounded

wound tight around my pain.

The thread that would lead me back

is tangled.

Do not cower

because you see

the gash in my being

where my soul rushed out.

Touch me

that your touch

may begin

my journey


© 2010 Jeanie McLeod

Jeanie McLeod retired from social work and from professional clowning at about the same time.  Today, she lives on the very edge of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia where she spends as much time as possible outside.  In bad weather she writes.  Her prose and poetry have been published in approximately fifteen journals.  She has won awards for each.  She was also nominated for a Pushcart award.


Copyright © 2010

Touch: The Journal of Healing

All rights reserved.