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After Thoughts

Again, thank you for listening and engaging with us those moments that touch deeply.  In life's encounters, we are offered opportunities for greater openness and wisdom.  When we share those experiences, something is added to our own awareness.  We grow in our ability to empathize and are encouraged to hear that we are not alone.

In this issue, we honor those who work in the medical profession as well as caregivers, family members, and friends who have helped us through difficult times with their skill and compassion.

We wish to congratulate and thank all the contributors whose works were published in our debut issue.  We are deeply grateful to them for trusting us to bring their words to the world.  With refined words, carefully chosen, they've told their stories of struggle and healing with profound sensitivity and candor.  We hope you have been uplifted while reading this debut issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing, that you have heard this chorus of voices, and that you have been changed by the songs that were sung.

As we look forward to the second issue of the journal, we welcome your submissions of poetry, prose, and graphics that explore this theme.  If you know someone who writes, perhaps you might consider mentioning the journal to them.  It is important to take time to reflect on life, its moments of struggle and victory, and to share these experiences with others.  Through writing, we can explore and express what we've encountered so far.

Thank you again to those who submitted and to all our readers.  Join us again in September, for the next issue of the journal!

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Thank you again for joining us.

O.P.W. Fredericks, Editor

Daniel Milbo, Assistant Editor

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