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“Dear OPW,

WHOOOOEEE!  Aldrich Press is going to publish my full-length poetry manuscript (60 poems) Listening to Night Whistles. Thank you so much for your encouragement and help. The truth is, when you honored me by choosing me to be your Editor's Choice poet, you put my poetry career in motion. I'd been published before, but your honor really got me going. I don't think I told you but I labeled the file that has all my Touch materials, ‘Touch Miracle.’”


Tina Hacker


“I am very pleased to be part of this project, which clearly brings humanity to the heart of the healing process.  I particularly admired Pheobe Brown's craft, “In Repair”; Diana Cole, “Dressing,” was reliably adept; Ed Bennett's piece, “Days,” about coping with his wife's pain was a true love story that warmed my heart.  I found the story, “What to expect in the shower,” surprisingly moving and one that is staying with me.  The ending - that she could claim a sense of herself as "artsy, chic, sassy" - was so affirming.  I read it aloud to my partner, and he and I both laughed in delight at the outcome.”

~ Kathleen M. Quinlan


I was proud to be in the first issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing.  It's hard to believe you're already launching year four.  I found issue 10 to be the best yet.  "Holding On" by Tammy Daniel is remarkable in many ways--that Tammy is only beginning her publishing career makes it astounding.  I'm sure I'm not the only reader whose thoughts went to the hanging branch that can't let go in my own family tree.  "The Black Button" by Richard King Perkins II is so very tender, and gently surprising--an image that will stay with me a long time.  Christine Klocek-Lim made a wonderful debut as Poet in Residence.   I love the succinct summary of "Experience. Intent. Craft."  A poetry workshop complete in 5 seconds!  And her poems are always a gift.  Congratulations on your third anniversary!  There were too many good pieces to mention them all.

  ~ Alarie Tennille


“I spent most of my life as a print editor but I do not recall anyone as thorough as you when it comes to detail. I was pretty good but you are in a league by yourself.  I thank you again.”

  ~ Donal Mahoney


“Just a note to tell you I think the cover art and layout for Volume 7 of Touch: The Journal of Healing look stunning.”

  ~ Jan Duncan-O'Neal


“I recently read the September issue of Touch, in which I was included. I believe I have never been in better company than I am with these other poets. In examining why I feel this way, I recognize that for me poetry is a process which transforms experiences. When I articulate what is deeply felt, I become a participant rather than a victim of what is painful. I think this is true for all the poets published by Touch. When as a poet one is heard, it seems as if one has been joined on a journey that has been solitary. Your journal allows the reader to feel accompanied, and gives voice to what is often endured in silence. Thank you for this.”

  ~ Kristin Roedell


“Thank you so much for [the debut issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing].  I read it right through and will read it again and again.  It is thought provoking, sad, happy and beautiful.  After reading Mr. Greene's message you feel that if he can keep on so can I.  My aches and pains are so minor in comparison.  Thank you again for such beauty.”

  ~ G. Closs


“Wow!  You've put together quite an issue! I'm very proud to appear among so many wonderful poems by so many talented poets.  I was stunned by Tina Hacker's "Sheba" and "Final Night" as well as by Christine Klocek-Lim's "The Unnamed," though all of the poems are praise-worthy.”

  ~ James Wilk


“Everything looks so amazing! I love the cover ... Your dedication truly moved me and highlighting Dennis' essay was wonderful for the first issue. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the inaugural issue. I'm so very delighted.”

  ~ Christine Klocek-Lim


“I have been reading again from your issue of Touch.  I have found the poems there deeply moving.  I shall recommend it to a few of fellow poets.  It is well worth supporting ... Particularly, Dennis Greene's 'In passing, for Peter' was very intense.  It showed me again that short poems can reach the greatness of the best of long and more 'major' poems.  It has a restrained intensity somewhat like that of Giotto ...”

  ~ Murray Alfredson


“I was on the site early on the 5th. It's quite simply one of the most beautiful and graceful on-line journals I've ever read. Thank you so very much for your contribution to our community of poetry. What a gift.”

  ~ Toni L. Wilkes

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